Dinner at Le Coucou

Dinner at Le Coucou

at Le Coucou on 8 March 2017
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Rabbit pot au feu @lecoucou_nyc

Benedict and Stephane Tissot, trousseau, jura 2015 @lecoucou_nyc

Grilled lamb chop & mint & almond & olives @lecoucou_nyc

chicken and foie gras crepinette & roasted pineapple & pommes purée @lecoucou_nyc

Fried whiting @lecoucou_nyc

Domaine Marquis d'Angerville, aligote, 2011 @lecoucou_nyc

Pike quenelle & americaine sauce @lecoucou_nyc

Poached lobster & grilled romaine & citrus @lecoucou_nyc

Domaine Belluard, mont Blanc, gringet, Savoie 2013 @lecoucou_nyc

Buckwheat fried eel & curry vinaigrette @lecoucou_nyc

Scallops & celery & clementine & chestnut @lecoucou_nyc

Leeks & hazelnut & parsley @lecoucou_nyc