Dinner at Momofuku Kawi

Dinner at Momofuku Kawi

at Kāwi on 6 January 2020
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Red bean coffee cake @momolongplay

Lime and ginger shaved ice & candied jicama @momolongplay

Tuna belly in soy & scallions and sesame & pickles and miso soup @momolongplay

Vegetables frito misto & jumbo shrimp @momolongplay

Kimbaps - omelette and candied anchovies / tuna and pickled ginger / avocado and charred kale / uni and trout roe @momolongplay

Spicy pork belly and kimchi stew & radicchio salads and daikon kimchi @momolongplay

Spicy roasted ric cake & Benton's ham & chili jam & dehydrated shrimps & crispy puffs @momolongplay

White pepper chicken wings & lemon @momolongplay