Dinner at James Beard Foundation

Dinner at James Beard Foundation

at James Beard House on 16 September 2018
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Meal Views

Ricotta miso cheesecake & fig amazake & caramelized Koji crust @ourcookquest x @beardfoundation

Braised Koji cured lamb neck & fermented peach harrisa & wood oven roasted cous cous & cured lemon and sumac yogurt & pumpkin seed tahini @ourcookquest x @beardfoundation

Amazake marinated monkfish & Koji fermented daikon & curry koji garum & fennel & caraway @ourcookquest x @beardfoundation

Dirty rice congee & soy cured duck egg yolks & Koji cured foie & Chinese celery & crunchy red beans & shishito togarashi @ourcookquest x @beardfoundation

Barley shio beef tartare & pickled carrot & black sesame & egg yolk bone marrow aioli & peach umeboshi @ourcookquest x @beardfoundation

Miso cured scallop & rosehips & cucumber gazpacho & sea rockets @ourcookquest x @beardfoundation

Koji fermented beet and smoked bluefish smorrebrod @ourcookquest x @beardfoundation

Currant umeboshi onigiri & cherry blossoms salt & nori @ourcookquest x @beardfoundation

Teff cracker and everything cheese & tomato water @ourcookquest x @beardfoundation