Dinner at James Beard Foundation

Dinner at James Beard Foundation

at James Beard House on 6 February 2017
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Lisa and Peter Chang @jamesbeard @chefpeterchang

Sesame and lotus seed mooncake @chefpeterchang

Herbal hotpot @chefpeterchang

Tofu & xo & green onion and chives sauce @chefpeterchang

Beef tenderloin & chili dou jiang @chefpeterchang

Lobster and taro @chefpeterchang

Mala beef tendon & shredded tofu skin & duck and mustard & woodear mushrooms and Thai chili & cucumber and garlic @chefpeterchang

Crispy pork buns @chefpeterchang

Minced fish & pine nuts @chefpeterchang

chicken kabab & cumin @chefpeterchang

Pot stickers @chefpeterchang

Mala pork sausage @chefpeterchang