Dinner at Italienne

Dinner at Italienne

at Italienne on 1 February 2019
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Pork meatballs & polenta & calabrian chili agrodolce @italiennenyc

Alba truffles on butter noodles @italiennenyc

Alba white truffles @italiennenyc

Cauliflower gratin & comte & curry / spinach & garlic and shallots / porgy & sunchoke chips & black truffles & balsamic @italiennenyc

Rougeard, clos 2012 @italiennenyc

Pappardelle & beef and chicken liver ragu @italiennenyc

escargot a la bourguignonne & garlic crostini @italiennenyc

Seared foie poele & apple and raisins & milk bread toast @italiennenyc

Laherte Freres 'Les Longues Voyes' Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut @italiennenyc

24 months aged dok dall'ava prosciutto & grissini & butter & shaved horseradish @italiennenyc

Boquerones and parsley & lemon / panzerotto of smoked mozz and salumi @italiennenyc