Dinner at Hortus NYC

Dinner at Hortus NYC

at Hortus on 25 September 2018
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Meal Views

Walnut profiterole & vanilla ice cream @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Rocca di Castagnoli Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 2011 @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Lemon tart & Meyer lemon peel marmalade & basil sorbet & Meyer lemon granita @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Foie and duck pithivier @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Seared and smoked then grilled branzino & tomato water and herbs de Provence @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Dumplings of foie and kimchi and wagyu & 2 days wagyu bone broth with cabbage and daikon & micro cilantro and chives @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Krug, 163rd edition @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Binchotan grilled languostine and shishito & shallots burre blanc & nasturtium flower and leaf @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Smoked eel & horseradish crème fraiche & pickled beet & chives oil & sorrel @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Vouette Sorbee, textures, Pinot Blanc 2013 (disg 2015) @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Country pate of pork butt & duck leg and chicken liver & prosciutto & butter and sourdough @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Comte and gruyere grilled cheese & black truffles @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc

Caviar tart & tuna tartare and smoked tofu @chef_kim1 x @eunji.leeee x @hortusnyc