Dinner at Guan Fu Szechuan 官府川菜

Dinner at Guan Fu Szechuan 官府川菜

at Guan Fu on 16 April 2019
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Glutinous dumplings with black sesame paste filling @guanfusichuanny

Fried and steamed buns & condensed milk @guanfusichuanny

Stir fried cabbage & sesame & chilies @guanfusichuanny #top3dish

Dry fried chicken & cumin & taro & onions @guanfusichuanny

Weingut Wasenhaus Vulkan, spatburgender,  Baden 2016 @guanfusichuanny

Mapo tofu dan dan noodles & peanuts & book choy @guanfusichuanny

Dry fried pigs intestines & onions & ginger @guanfusichuanny

Rayas 2004 @guanfusichuanny

Sichuan peppercorn and chilies stir fried Alaskan king crab & garlic and cilantro @guanfusichuanny

Tempura Alaskan king crab with dehydrated cured duck egg yolk crust @guanfusichuanny

Steamed Alaskan king crab & soy and scallions @guanfusichuanny

Edmond Vatan Sancerre, Pinot rouge 2000 @guanfusichuanny

Steamed tiger spotted grouper & Sichuan peppercorn & green chillies @guanfusichuanny

Cherry pepper sauteed baby cuttlefish @guanfusichuanny

Abalone and caramelized soy braised pork belly @guanfusichuanny

Jean-Philippe Fichet Meursault Les Gruyaches 1999 @guanfusichuanny

Steamed Santa Barbara spot prawns & mung bean noodles & garlic soffrito @schwarzkekse

Beef stomach and liver & braised beef calf salad & Sichuan peppercorn chili oil & cilantro @guanfusichuanny

Weingut Emmerich Knoll Ried Loibenberg Riesling Federspiel, Wachau 2013 @guanfusichuanny

Fried belt fish & white pepper and chilies @guanfusichuanny

Mountain yam salad & osmanthus @guanfusichuanny

Selosse VO @guanfusichuanny

Razor clams salad & charred shishito peppers & Sichuan peppercorn oil @guanfusichuanny

Poached pork liver in Sichuan peppercorn oil @guanfusichuanny

Moet & Chandon MCIII - MC 3 @guanfusichuanny

Cucumber salad & soy chili oil vinaigrette @guanfusichuanny

Woodear mushrooms salad & pickled cabbage & lacto fermented green chilies & cilantro @guanfusichuanny