Dinner at Guan Fu Szechuan Spicy Chinese 官府川菜

Dinner at Guan Fu Szechuan Spicy Chinese 官府川菜

at Guan Fu on 8 November 2017
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damage wall

Fried and steamed buns & condensed milk

Black sesame filled sticky rice balls

Australian lobster head congee

Sea cucumber & soffrito of spam and chili peppers

Double cooked pork & leeks

Abalone with chili and black bean paste

Braised soft shell turtle & long beans & potatoes

Mapo tofu

Steamed tiger spotted grouper & red and green peppers & black bean & timur peppercorn

Tiger spotted grouper

Sea cucumber & green peppers & hash of spam and chilies

Kung Pao Australia southern rock lobster

Australian southern rock lobster

Poached chicken in red chili oil

Poached pork liver & green Sichuan peppercorn oil

Bamboo shoots in red chili oil

Razor clams & green peppers & Sichuan peppercorn oil