Dinner at Guanfuny

Dinner at Guanfuny

at Guan Fu Sichuan on 11 June 2018
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Thousand years egg & roasted green peppers salad @guanfusichuanny

Poached pork liver & green Sichuan peppercorn oil @guanfusichuanny

Rehydrated jelly fish head and body & sesame red chilli vinaigrette @guanfusichuanny

Tempura of belt fish & white pepper & sesame @guanfusichuanny

Poached seabass & chilies & lacto fermented cabbage & green Sichuan peppercorn @guanfusichuanny

Steame spotted prawns & crispy garlic & vermicelli noodles @guanfusichuanny

Braised rehydrated sea cucumber & pork ragu @guanfusichuanny

Deep fried Dungeness sauteed with onions and chilies and Sichuan peppercorn @guanfusichuanny

Freshwater eel braised with pig intestines & green and red peppers & carrot @guanfusichuanny

Red cooked pork belly & abalone @guanfusichuanny

Fresh corn tempura crusted with cured duck yolks @guanfusichuanny

Black sesame glutinous rice dumplings & osmanthus flowers @guanfusichuanny

Fried and steamed buns & condensed milk @guanfusichuanny