Dinner at Good Stock

Dinner at Good Stock

at Good Stock on 7 July 2017
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Strawberry and rhubarb pie & goat's milk ice cream @goodstocksoup

Domaine Ostertag, Gewurztraminer Vignoble D'epfig, alsace 2014 @goodstocksoup

Butter poached lobster claw & kohlrabi and vanilla & sauteed spinach & elderflower @umsegredony

domaine du collier, la charpenterie, chenin blanc, loire 2011 @goodstocksoup

Portuguese kale kimchi fried rice & lobster & poached eggs & bacon @umsegredony

Domaine Maurice Schoech Harmonie "R", Alsace 2008 @goodstocksoup

Three fingers lobster pasta & spicy tomato ragu & basil @umsegredony

Enfield, Chardonnay, heron lake 2013 @goodstocksoup

Lobster tail & fresh corn polenta & summer truffles @umsegredony

Lobster claw chawamushi & shiso @umsegredony @goodstocksoup

Domaine Sebastien Riffault Sancerre Auksinis, LOIRE 2007 @goodstocksoup

Lobster legs larb salad & coconut oil and fish sauce vinaigrette & mint @goodstocksoup

Lobster knuckle roll & old bay & celery and pickled onions & crème fraiche @goodstocksoup

Cruse, gamay rose Pat Nat, napa 2016 @goodstocksoup

Lobster crudo & avocado & pickled watermelon rinds & yellow watermelon @goodstocksoup