Dinner at Fitzcarraldo Projects

Dinner at Fitzcarraldo Projects

at Fitzcarraldo Projects on 18 February 2018
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Sunbrust trout cured in pine oil & almond milk & chestnut & pine spruce @reverie_restaurant

JP from @columbiaroom on the backyard bamboo cocktail @reverie_restaurant

Hay roasted celery root & caramelized carrot juice & brown butter crumble & lemon balm @reverie_restaurant

Vinatigo, vijariego Blanco, canary islands 2016 @reverie_restaurant

Chicken stock poached sweetbreads & pickled sea lettuce w ramp vinegar & spinach & caviar @reverie_restaurant

Braised beef cheek & dehydrated beet & all spice oil & crispy yuca chips @reverie_restaurant

COS, pithos rosso, vittoria 2015 @reverie_restaurant

Braised gooseberry & pickled strawberries @reverie_restaurant

Raspberry vinegar pickled blueberry & braised gooseberry & lovage granita & chamomile and marigold tea jello & sorrel @reverie_restaurant