Dinner at Empellón

Dinner at Empellón

at Empellon on 16 August 2019
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Chocolate mousse & passion fruit & black sesame @empellon

Corn ice cream taco @empellon

Strawberry balsamic capsule / mezcal & borage raspado / fresh strawberries / yuzu jelly roll / frozen mint foam / green strawberry with chile / coconut cone with amaranth / pickled rhubarb and shiso @empellon

Avocado & eucalyptus yogurt & lime and olive oil @empellon

Iberico pork taco & corn salsa & habanero @empellon

Roasted tiger prawns & chipotle dressing & garlic chips @empellon

Chanterelles taco with quesilla & onions and salsa @empellon

Sticky rice tamal & red Chile duck confit @empellon

Masa and bacon stuffed baked Venus clams & onions and jalapeno @empellon

Smoked cod & potato and chorizo vinaigrette @empellon