Dinner at Eleven Madison Park

Dinner at Eleven Madison Park

at Eleven Madison Park on 19 October 2017
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Oreos cookie and cream

Dark and white chocolate covered pretzels

Wine torture tools

Pretzel & cheddar & beer & mustard

Crusted duck & apple stuffed with duck confit & honey and lavender

Potato textures

Kale & creamed kale & the forgotten egg

Jamet, Cote rotie 1988. gift from@elgranpete #thankyou

21 days aged veal & pear & radicchio

Roasted pumpkin & pumpkin jus and kombu vinaigrette

Pumpkin wrapped in bacon & seaweed & caul fat

Lobster & potatoes & chanterelle

White rose, winemaker's cuvee, Portland 2014

Tilefish & dehydrated parnsip ribbon & poppy & horseradish & pike roe

Button mushroom & garlic & pinenut

Clams & Meyer lemon & fennel

Rolls and cultured butter topped with cheese crumbles & amagansett sea salt

Cucumber and radish pickles

Smoked sturgeon & cauliflower and mushroom & everything bagel crust & Idaho caviar & sturgeon and crème fraiche sauce

Idaho caviar & sturgeon pie

Chestnut and black truffles

Sweet potato & black garlic & lemon pie

Apple compressed thyme & foie and salted caramel & apple and almond crumble

Venison and foie tart & pickled onion and beet

Apple & cheddar cookie