Dinner at DaDong New York

Dinner at DaDong New York

at DaDong on 12 December 2017
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Wasabi and orange and chilies filled white chocolate & truffle pearl @dadongny

Peiking duck @dadongny

Dry braised sole & blueberry & chilies @dadongny

Poached lotus stuffed with sticky rice @dadongny

Salted duck egg yolk & mung bean rice balls & kaffir lime leaf @dadongny

Iberico jamon wrapped sticky rice @dadongny

Fried wheat crisps & parm & arugula @dadongny

Squid ink tofu soup & black truffles @dadongny

Scallop crudo and citrus soup @dadongny

Geoduck and green Sichuan peppercorn @dadongny

Foie mousse & cherry jello @dadongny

Weinbach, cuvee Laurence, riesling, alsace 2013 @dadongny