Dinner at Chefs Club Counter

Dinner at Chefs Club Counter

at Chefs Club Counter on 14 November 2017
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Rice and buttermilk donut & rose ice cream @gaggan_anand

Pumpkin and cardamom @gaggan_anand

Lobster mango curry @gaggan_anand

Simon Bize, Savigny Les Beaune, Les Bourgeots 2015 @gaggan_anand

Salmon cooked in banana leaf (paturi) @gaggan_anand

Raw scallop curry & coconut ice cream & avocado @gaggan_anand

Pork vindaloo served in pao @gaggan_anand

Maison Chantereves, Bourgogne Chardonnay 2015 @gaggan_anand

Chicken liver pate & banana curry @gaggan_anand

Yogurt explosion & crispy kale @gaggan_anand