Dinner at Chefs Club NY

Dinner at Chefs Club NY

at Chefs Club on 25 November 2019
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Bay meringue and ice cream & caramelized apple & chocolate ganache @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

El Maestro Sierra oloroso 15yrs @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

Chanterelles meringue & wild blueberry & maple @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

Seared duck & salted plum & beets & glazed carrots @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

Seared cod & apple and parsnip & charred cabbage & uni @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

Squash and chrysanthemum broth & chestnuts & husk cherry @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

Grilled mackerel & spruce salt & whey & cultured cream @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

Frank Cornelissen Contadino 2016 @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

Sourdough & whipped butter @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

Scallop crudo & crispy scallop & shaved scallop roe & cloudberry vinegar @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny

Pickled capelin boquerones & it's roe & cold pressed canola oil & parsley @jeremy_charles77 x @danielbnyc x @chefsclubny