Dinner at Chefs Club NY

Dinner at Chefs Club NY

at Chefs Club on 5 June 2017
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Portuguese egg tart & brown sugar ice cream
@mreddiehuang @chefsclubny

Red cooked pork belly & crispy shallots rice & schmaltz cucumber peanuts salad & onion tomato salsa @mreddiehuang @chefsclubny

Lacto fermented chilies and steamed bass for one @mreddiehuang @chefsclubny

Lamb chili and cumin ragu pasta @mreddiehuang @chefsclubny

Romanesco & lobster salad & garlic chips @mreddiehuang @chefsclubny

Thousand years egg & tofu & sesame oil & cilantro @mreddiehuang @chefsclubny

Albert Boxler, sylvaner, Alsace 2014 @mreddiehuang @chefsclubny

Salted duck wontons @mreddiehuang @chefsclubny

Fried oysters bao & garlic & Sichuan chili & pickled veggies @mreddiehuang @chefsclubny