Dinner at Chefs Club NY

Dinner at Chefs Club NY

at Chefs Club on 23 March 2017
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Rausu kombu ice cream & toasted barley jam & blackcurrant wood oil @108cph @chefsclubny

Mushrooms and kombu fortified squab glaze & squab legs @108cph @chefsclubny

Roasted squab & blackberry squab jus & nishi pear and arugula & pickled white currant and elderflower and spring onion @108cph @chefsclubny

Giuseppe Quintarelli, ca del Merlo, corvina & rondinella & corvinone & cab, Veneto 2007 @chefsclubny

Fried beech mushrooms & seaweed powder & goat milk cheese dip (not shown) @108cph @chefsclubny

Nasturtium flowers & horseradish & spot prawn roe @108cph @chefsclubny

Spot prawn & red sorrel @108cph @chefsclubny

Henri Germain, meursault, 2014 @chefsclubny

Clams & salted gooseberry & rosehip seed oil & seaweed @108cph @chefsclubny

Celery root & black truffle & cheese fondue @108cph @chefsclubny