Dinner at Chefs Club NY

Dinner at Chefs Club NY

at Chefs Club on 12 January 2018
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White stone oysters from Chesapeake Bay VA & apple vinegar mignonette @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Toasted bread & sorghum whipped butter & fennel seeds @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Peter Lauer, barrel X riesling, mosel 2015 @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Grilled foie biscuit & whipped maple & country ham & sunny side & soubise @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Cape May lobster and grits & sweet and sour onions & chives @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Crispy monkfish nuggets & honey and hot sauce & buttermilk & bitter greens @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Morey Coffinet, Les chaumes, chassagne montrachet 2015 @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Chicken and dumpling eastern shore style @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Charcoal grilled coulotte & celery & preserved chili & black truffles @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Crunchy chocolate mousse & smoked milk ice cream & yuzu & beet compote @thedabneydc @chefsclubny

Butterscotch pie & walnut crisp & shaved dark chocolate & nutmeg & toasted meringue @thedabneydc @chefsclubny