Dinner at August Gatherings

Dinner at August Gatherings

at August Gatherings on 4 April 2019
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Fried grapefruit cheesecake @augustgatherings

Aged tangerine skin ice cream @augustgatherings

Roasted duck & dried plum sauce & chili @augustgatherings

Sweet and sour pork with aged rice vinegar & raspberry @augustgatherings

Soy braised chicken & scallions @augustgatherings

Steamed fresh tofu with foie & cilantro @augustgatherings

Cucumbers with chili sauce & pickled daikon @augustgatherings

Baked Manila clams & crispy shallots & sesame @augustgatherings

Grilled cuttlefish & herbs & vanilla @augustgatherings

Hokkaido sea snails sauteed in soy and shallots @augustgatherings