Dinner at August Gatherings

Dinner at August Gatherings

at August Gatherings on 2 March 2018
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Crispy calamari and long peppers @augustgatherings

Rebholz, GG Ganz Horn, Pfalz 2010 @augustgatherings

Honey roasted chashu pork collar & lotus root @augustgatherings

Dungeness crab steamed and cold poached in rice wine for 6 hours @augustgatherings

Donnhoff, hermannshohle, spatlese, mosel 2005 @augustgatherings

Miso crusted eggplant @augustgatherings

Pork pot stickers & charred onion vinaigrette @augustgatherings

Ganevat, saint cecyle, Pinot and Trousseau, jura 2009 @augustgatherings

Pork ribs & preserved plums @augustgatherings

Clams & jinhua ham @augustgatherings

Sauteed conch & tomatoes & shishito / Pierre Gonon, saint Joseph 2013 @augustgatherings

Pork belly & sansho pepper & chilies @augustgatherings

Spice salt roasted chicken @augustgatherings

Mongeard Mugneret, 1er Les petit monts, vosne romanee 2012 @augustgatherings

Peiking duck & fixings @augustgatherings

Fried and glazed pork & raspberries @augustgatherings

Altesino, brunello 1997 @augustgatherings

Tagliatelle lomein style & short ribs and mushroom @augustgatherings

48 hours foie braised short rib & gem lettuce @augustgatherings