Dinner at Astoria Seafood Market

Dinner at Astoria Seafood Market

at Astoria Seafood on 9 October 2019
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dancing the night away @astoriaseafoodnyc

mission accomplished @astoriaseafoodnyc

grilled monkfish tail w garlic @astoriaseafoodnyc

grilled bread crumbs crusted oysters @astoriaseafoodnyc

Verget Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Sous le Puits 1996 @astoriaseafoodnyc

grilled cuttlefish with garlic oil @astoriaseafoodnyc

grilled red snapper from new Zealand @astoriaseafoodnyc

Quinta da Muradella Blanco (Dona Blanca), Gorvia, Monterrei DO 2013 @astoriaseafoodnyc

Fried barbounia w lemon @astoriaseafoodnyc

Grilled prawns @astoriaseafoodnyc

Vincent Couche Chloe Extra-Brut (sans soufre) @astoriaseafoodnyc

Octopus with olive oil and lemon @astoriaseafoodnyc

Grilled corn @astoriaseafoodnyc

gone fishing ?@astoriaseafoodnyc

big fish, little fish @astoriaseafoodnyc

packed Tues @astoriaseafoodnyc