Dinner at Agern

Dinner at Agern

at Agern on 22 February 2018
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Isano (mashua) chip & prickly pear root (tuna) flakes, similar to licorice @marsia_taha_gustu x @agernrestaurant

Carrot & brown butter & pink canahua @marsia_taha_gustu x @agernrestaurant

Other half brewing Co & kex brewing, berliner weisse with Iceland raspberry and stone bramble berries, "nothing to declare" @agernrestaurant

Sourdough & whipped butter @agernrestaurant

Lamb tartare & frozen yogurt & maca root (similar to horseradish) & hibiscus @marsia_taha_gustu x @agernrestaurant

Asai and amaranth seeds & Amazonian nuts & lime zest & Brazilian nut milk & fried malts @marsia_taha_gustu x @agernrestaurant

B Nektar, zombie killer Mead, honey & cherry & apple cider, Michigan @agernrestaurant

Fingerling potatoes & grilled squid & agretti & dehydrated pickled chilies @marsia_taha_gustu x @agernrestaurant

Puffed & pickled & roasted pig ears & quinoa miso & nasturtium flowers @marsia_taha_gustu x @agernrestaurant

Slow cooked pork cheeks & celery root & almonds & chives & pickled husk cherry @marsia_taha_gustu x @agernrestaurant

Tarwi beans sponge cake flan & candied apple crisp @marsia_taha_gustu x @agernrestaurant