Dinner at Noma Mexico

Dinner at Noma Mexico

at Noma Mexico on 9 May 2017
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Thank you tortilla ladies! @nomacph

Ritual sacrifice @nomacph

hot box @nomacph

All cleaned @nomacph

Immich Batterieberg, steffensberg, mosel 2012 @nomacph #howmanybottlesinmexico

Mezcalosfera de mezcaloteca, 100% tobala @nomacph

Oxaca chilies stuffed with Jaguar cacao sorbet & mango sauce @nomacph

Cold brew coffee infused w sour orange @nomacph

Coconut ice cream & ants & grapefruit and orange peels @nomacph

Grilled sugar dusted avocado & avocado ice cream & mamey almondy seeds & ant paste @nomacph

Grilled hoja santa taco & dried scallop & rosio's 2 day mole @nomacph

When in Mexico.. Bichi, Pinot from tecate @nomacph @bichiwines

Yaxunah corn taco & suckling pig & avocado & prickly pear & pickled jicama and parsley paste & banana in adobo & cilantro habanero salsa @nomacph

Six hours coconut marinated cerdo pelon @nomacph

Octopus cooked wrapped in corn husk and masa salt crust under ground (dzikilpak) & smoked pumpkin seed and fermented veggie sauce @nomacph

Escamoles aka ant egg tostada & egg yolk & blanched beans & succulents & orange zest @nomacph

Oxaca pumpkin roasted in local pumpkin & beach purslane & avocado and koji broth & tomatillo and avocado leaf salsa @nomacph

Kelp torpedoes or mermaids refilled with michelada @nomacph

Chaya leaf taco & Bahia falsa oyster & kelp cured avocado @nomacph

Manzano banana ceviche & roasted kelp and banana skin & orange & habanero @nomacph

Tamarind broth and chili de arbol oil & star fruit & guanabana & avocado & pineapple & grapefruit & mango & mamey & mangosteen & jiotilla fruit @nomacph

Young coconut & kelp salt & coconut cream & caviar @nomacph

Nixtamalized corn broth & lime and habanero granita & tamarind & lots of flowers @nomacph

Puffed rice tortilla & concentrated tomato ragu & roasted grasshopper and garlic & beach herbs & oxaca crickets @nomacph

Melon clam from Cortez & sour orange & beach succulents & dried lime leaf powder & calamondin @nomacph

May flower & ginger lemongrass & corriander flower & pinuela & tamarind & honey & mezcal worm @nomacph