Dinner at Acadia

Dinner at Acadia

at Acadia on 16 October 2018
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Opera cake & truffles macaron & butternut squash bon bon @acadiachicago

Almonds ice cream & coffee noodle & champagne peach & Thai peppercorn blueberry @acadiachicago

Quice sorbet & walnut espuma & candied walnut @acadiachicago

Foie oreos @acadiachicago

Merguez sausage wrapped lamb loin & braised lamb neck & rutabaga cooked in caramel & parsnip onion puree & sorrel & lamb and mustard jus & eggplant puree @acadiachicago

Olive bread & whipped lamb butter @acadiachicago

King trumpet pappardelle & truffle parmesan & grilled frisee @acadiachicago

Domaine du Collier Saumur Rouge La Charpenterie, Loire 2012 @acadiachicago

Fire roasted cabbage & curry hollandaise & pine nuts & capers & cilantro and basil @acadiachicago

Five hours roasted cabbage @acadiachicago

Stonington lobster & quinoa & breakfast radish & uni butter & lobster bisque @acadiachicago

Corn husk chamomile creme & huitlacoche & corn agnolotti & black truffles @acadiachicago

Hudson Canyon scallop & coconut noodle & sasifly vanilla puree & lime compressed apple @acadiachicago

Butternut chawamushi & shrimp noodles & black garlic dashi @acadiachicago

Truffle popover brushed w Kobe beef fat & Vermont honey butter @acadiachicago

Vilmart & Cie 'Coeur de Cuvee' Premier Cru Brut 2007 @acadiachicago

Granola crusted British Columbia oyster & lime foam & broccoli puree @acadiachicago

Smoked salted cod & pickled red onion & trout roe & dill / rye bread and broccoli center @acadiachicago

Potato risotto tart & leeks & black truffles @acadiachicago