Dinner at Les Trois Bourgeons

Dinner at Les Trois Bourgeons

at Les Trois Bourgeons on 10 November 2019
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Chocolate millefeuille & squash cream & chocolate ganache & cream cheese ice cream @lestroisbourgeons

Creme caramel & Earl Grey ice cream & clementine compote @lestroisbourgeons

Roasted leg of lamb & caramelized turnip & chorizo & lemon @lestroisbourgeons

Soy and balsamic vinegar pickled eggplant & lettuce & chicken liver pate @lestroisbourgeons

When in Rome - Domaine Francois Raveneau Valmur 2013 @lestroisbourgeons

Fromage Blanc with arugula & squash and cornflakes @lestroisbourgeons