Dinner at Ma Cuisine • Beaune

Dinner at Ma Cuisine • Beaune

at Ma Cuisine on 10 November 2019
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Epoisses and goat cheese and blues @macuisine1996

Pan seared veal chop @macuisine1996

Domaine Hauvette Les Baux de Provence Amethyst Rouge 2008 @macuisine1996

Grilled squab & mashed pumpkin & potatoes @macuisine1996

Mugnier, le fuees 2014 & Rayas 2001 @macuisine1996

Foie torchon & pickled salad @macuisine1996

Escargots with parsley butter @macuisine1996

Fruitiere Vinicole d'Arbois Chateau Bethanie Arbois Vin Jaune 1981 @macuisine1996

Olive puff pastry roll @macusine

poached artichoke mixed salad @macuisine1996