Meal at Black Rat

Meal at Black Rat

at Black Rat on 16 September 2014
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This was not a waste of time as there are numerous rave reviews and the location of the gastro pub by the river is quite charming with some very quirky and lovely other pubs just opposite.  However, do not be fooled by the word gastropub – it is not a pub with the ability to eat inside, it is an old pub, completely hollowed out to only have tables for eating and is therefore a restaurant inside an old pub (for clarity and to prevent disappointment for those who think they will be getting both).  The food unfortunately was somewhat of a bridge too far for my palate – no question of the skill, but I simply did not find the flavours memorable and the menu was an example of forgetting the true purpose for a diner, which is to wow the mouth and eyes as opposed to just the eyes, which is what I thought this did.   No need to return in a hurry for me sadly.

Food Grade: 49%

5 / 10

Bread Two Ways




Guinea Fowl

Cheese Cake

Caramel Sponge