Meal at Bomke Restaurant

Meal at Bomke Restaurant

at Bomke Restaurant on 22 March 2014
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A very nice, quiet and pleasant place to have a well crafted meal.  The tasting menu was a reasonable affair at €90 per person for the 8 courses at 1 Michelin starred food.  It is the sort of venue that will attract tables of matured couples who will spend their entire time silent and observing others.  The meal was a nice occasion for the 4 of us though and the lunch was well presented with some fun and beautifully presented dishes.  One snag: none of the dishes caused heightened happiness; a simmer of content at most. Nicely done, but no need to go back.

Food Grade: 61%

6 / 10

Amuse bouche




Garden vegetables


Rasberry medley

Cheese course