Meal at The Glasshouse

Meal at The Glasshouse

at The Glasshouse on 21 February 2014
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Set in a beautifully tucked away part of SW London but immediately opposite Kew Gardens tube station, this is a lovely and very busy / popular restaurant precisely for these reasons as well as the high quality food.  The menu is limited to an a’la carte only at all times which is comparatively boring from a choice perspective, however what is done on their menu is knock out in terms of the flavours.  The foie gras frankly had to be done again and an even nicer bonus this time was to see an old friend on the menu in the shape of slices of steak and sauce béarnaise – something that is usually confined to either specific steak houses such as Hawksmoor or Goodman and the lower stakes chain restaurants who do not do it justice.  The meal in terms of food was lovely again on this visit, over the sad occasion that it was.

All in all, it is a lovely addition to the SW London circle of 1 Michelin starred options, adding to La Trompett and Hedone in Chiswick.

8 / 10

Foie gras

Cod & hash brown

Beef fillet

with sauce béarnaise

Herbal tea

Foie gras