Meal at The Bingham

Meal at The Bingham

at The Bingham on 29 May 2011
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I had lunch with my Brother and Sister-in-law at this place and have been back on two occasions for tea in the hotel’s drawing room and terrace in the summer, which is the other lovely bonus to this place.  I haven’t been back for food since it lost its star (not a factor in not going back hasten to add) so I cannot comment on the difference but evidently the Michelin inspectors saw a gear change downwards in their dishes.  For my own part, when I went there it was unquestionably skilled and pretty looking / well presented food with pleasant extras but somehow just a little unmemorable and lacking in wonderful moments.  The fact I can’t picture any of the dishes in my head from memory is not a good sign.  It certainly wasn’t offensive and the establishment is very pleasant, working in all seasons, but I would agree with the Michelin guide on this one.  Would I go back? Yes definitely, but not in a rush.

Food Grade: 64%

6 / 10

Amuse bouche

Rice salad






Cherry & chocolate

Melon dessert

Grape variation

Petit fours