Meal at Balthasar

Meal at Balthasar

at Balthasar on 2 April 2014
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Another very nice meal here in different circusmtances.  Dinner with drinks at Balthasar is, a little more than lunch naturally, but it is a very nice place to have a special meal, which, this second occasion here most certainly was, at the end of a long work placement, reflecting on life moments with mygood  friend, with whom I had the great pleasure of sharing this meal with.  One I shan’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Food grade: 84%

8 / 10

Pea soup and steak tartare welcome

Amuse bouche

Onion and salted butter with warmed bread

Beef starter medley

Salmon and honey mustard

Foie gras & leek velouté


Rasberry and strawberry desserts

Petits fours selection

Chef’s welcome

Bread with seaweed, onion and salted butter

Amuse bouche


Garlic bread slices

Dessert medley (1)

Desssert medley (2)

Petits fours selection

Petits four (1)

Petit four selection (2)