Meal at Chapter One

Meal at Chapter One

at Chapter One on 12 May 2015
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This is my second visit to Chapter One and remains a serene and stylish restaurant with its own convenient car park and situated immediately off the A21.  Unfortunately the restaurant lost its Michelin star in late 2014 and the food on this visit did not seem very different at all to my last visit in 2012 (when it held a Michelin star) so I am unsure why this has been removed.  On this visit the food was just as stylish with some very nice moments including the chicken dish being sumptuous and the olive oil mash puree being absolutely wonderful, however the mash was every so slightly too salty and the poached egg in the starter was over cooked resulting in only half being able to mix with the pea velouté.  Service remained very welcoming but quite inconsistent in terms of expediency.  Still a very nice venue if one wishes style and can forgive a lack of polish here and there.

Food Grade: 67%

6 / 10

Poached egg in pea velouté

Salad and black pudding

Garlic risotto


Chicken anglaise

Olive oil mash puree

Peanut butter and chocolate

Petits fours

The lunch bill for 3






Creamed Mash

Chocolate Cheesecake

White Chocolate

Petits Fours