Meal at Sarong

Meal at Sarong

at Sarong on 8 April 2017
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This was undeniably the nicest restaurant of four that I visited on my trip to Bali.  There is vegetation everywhere to decorate a snazzy restaurant with a delightful garden terrace dining area as well.  The food explosions of the braised and pulled lamb with garlic and chilli to go in the perfectly fluffy pancake with a sweet sesame sauce was superb and a brilliant change from the normal Peking duck version with hoi sin, the signature pork was heavenly as was the butter chicken.  There was only one low moment (lamb with duck egg) that with too much egg white remaining on the yolk but overall this place generated some very happy people.  The cabernet sauvignon red we had was gorgeous to accompany and there were genuinely delightful dishes here.  This is definitely one to go to if you are anywhere near Seminyak and would be excellent for couples and larger, celebration groups alike.

Food Grade: 77%

8 / 10

View from the garden

Pulled lamb with pancakes and sweet peanut / sesame sauce

Seafood biryani

Signature pork belly with tamarind sauce

Truffled pork jowl and naan

Lamb, spiced chick peas and slow-cooked duck egg

Roti Canai

Butter chicken curry

Green curry with oyster mushrooms

Selection of mini desserts

The bill for 3