Meal at Happy Chappy

Meal at Happy Chappy

at Happy Chappy on 9 April 2017
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Happy Chappy is a delivery service for Chinese food in Bali with their flagship restaurant itself located in Seminyak.  Thankfully this option turned out to be very good for a Dim Sum brunch (only served on Sundays) as the highlight of the week which we did and showed a good array of fried and steamed options brought to the table.  Most notible were the prawn and sesame bites served with a beautifully softened horseradish sauce (not done that before) and home made hoi sin sauce to go with the obligatory Peking duck.  Another surprise was the wonderful diced pork to go in to lettuce leaves and the only low moment was the chicken skin which I was most looking forward to (and somehow managed to not take a pic of) as this turned out to be tough and more batter than anything else.

However, this was a great option for a Sunday outing, particularly for brunch with just above an average Chinese food option with caring service and a very good vibe to the restaurant.  Beware of crazy Australians that may wish to spontaneously start dancing in the bar area reminding me that I love them….. in a way…… ?

6 / 10

Steamed Dim Sum (1)

Steamed Dim Sum (2)

Steamed Dim Sum (3)

Fried Dim Sum

Salt and pepper fried squid

Peking duck with pancakes and home made hoi sin sauce

Peking duck close up

Pork belly

BBQ pork in lettuce

BBQ pork in lettuce with hoi sin

Sesame prawn toast with horseraddish

The bill for 3