Meal at Tom Aikens Restaurant

Meal at Tom Aikens Restaurant

at Tom Aikens Restaurant on 2 June 2011
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Although Tom Aikens doesn’t seem to have created another flag ship venue along with his Kitchens, it is unclear whether he has now switched entirely to this very pleasing food chain or whether he will re-invent a flagship Restaurant again.  Ultimately however, there is not much point writing too much about this restaurant as it is now closed other than to say that it was a highly stylish affair and it must have been hard to lose the Michelin star the year after I visited, but they regained it back the year after that and is now seemingly closed.  I should say that I found this restaurant on my visit as a great meal and if I was living local I would have been very sad to see it go.  I have been to the Tom Aiken Kitchen (Canary Wharf) several times to mixed results and have reviewed that in the ‘Recommended’ folder to this blog under London.

Food Grade: 74%

7 / 10

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Foie gras



Cheese course


Chocolate powder

Nut surprise

Petits fours