Meal at The Narrow

Meal at The Narrow

at The Narrow on 18 December 2015
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I have been here many times but this was another opportunity to have nibbles with fine company and actually I’m getting a little bit bored of the whole generic starter, main, dessert that we are conditioned to have by society and frankly if you spend £25 on a main course that you don’t actually end up liking, you’re stuck with quite a large amount to get through reluctantly.

So, on this occasion, and the fact that the body doesn’t actually need very much to get full and I think people like non-obligatory grazing, I ordered ALL the bar snacks.  These were perfect to pick at for a supper and I would recommend doing this from time to time.  Thankfully, The Narrow was good enough to not look at this as strange or not permissible and they happily obliged to their credit.  With the exception of the turkey sliders (mini burgers in the picture) which I thought were a little dry and bland, I thought they were all good and in particular, the honey glazed sausages and welsh rarebit sides were gorgeous.  If I had to nip pick I thought the portion sizes were a little inconsistent for the average £6 per plate (the welsh rarebit was essentially only two small pieces of toast with the topping but the mini sausages seemed to be a lot more reasonable) however, they were lovely to have and even more so for the occasion that it was all acoomapnied by a very nice Rioja.

7 / 10

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Quail egg starter

Fish and chips with home made tartare sauce and mushy peas

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