Meal at The Connaught Hotel Brunch

Meal at The Connaught Hotel Brunch

at The Connaught Hotel Brunch on 10 March 2012
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Served in the same 2 Michelin starred restaurant by Hélène Darroze but transformed in to a open buffet format on Saturdays, this was an impressive set menu to have and a very nice way to celebrate my Mum’s Birthday (which also went down very well).  There were impressive cold meat selections (including foie gras), a vat of scrambled eggs, traditional bacon and sauge meats and a huge dessert selection including freshly made waffles at the stand and numerous pastries.

If that wasn’t enough, all of the above are the surrounding acts to the main selections on the menu – a choice of the Connaught burger with foie gras, the eggs benedict, ‘mac and cheese’, boudin noir or cornish crab options.  All of this was £50 per person at the time and is now £55 (as at Mar 15); a highly reasonable package for what one can choose from and all were prepared well.  The mains were fine as dishes (nothing spectacular but as good as one would expect) and the whole buffet was a pleasure to go for.

7 / 10

Opening buffet

Cold meats

Scrambled egg and salmon

Scrambled egg with salmon

Eggs benedict

Pulled beef and foie gras burger (1)

Pulled beef and foie gras burger (2)

Waffle bar

American cheesecake

Fresh waffles with cream, strawberry and chocolate sauces

Connaught birthday gift