Meal at Temple & Sons

Meal at Temple & Sons

at Temple & Sons on 27 June 2017
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This is a mix between a casual drop in lunch or dinner eatery as much as it is for a quick snack with drinks.  As usual, Mr Atherton has provided something slick and suited for the business area and I enjoyed the fact that the simple has been upscaled without impeding too much.  The trotters were pleasing (albeit with a rather thick & gloopy relish) and the prawn cocktail nicely done and I loved the fact that a lot of care had gone in to a simple, yet old favourite of the sausage roll, filled with elements of apple and balck pudding served with HP gravy (which had a pleasing runny depth).  The set menu here represents the best value at £22 for 3 courses at lunch and it seems to do its job well of catering for those that want more than the norm but not overdo things at the same time.  A safe bet option for filling a gap.

Food Grade: 62%

6 / 10

Vire of Temple & Sons from the Old Broad Street

Stair case decor

Upstairs (1)

Upstairs (2)

A la carte menu – 5 Jun 17

Prawn cocktail with toasted bread on the side

Prawn cocktail

Trotter fritters with horseradish and gentlemen’s relish

Trotter fritter filling

Baked sausage roll with creamed mash

Sausage roll filling with apple and black pudding

HP gravy

The lunch bill for 1 (no drinks)