Meal at Story

Meal at Story

at Story on 7 July 2016
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My second visit to this venue and the headline is that based on these two visits, this is a strong 1 Michelin starred venue by Tom Sellers.  There is innovation and daring in choice of aesthetics and combinations of ingredients and I was very glad to be doing the full story menu this time.

It is certainly not a short affair as the snacks alone lasted an hour and was great to have so many of them, but the bottom line is I would ensure you have time on your hands to enjoy this venue and not be under time constraints.  Our lunch lasted roughly four hours, but as usual, with the creativity of dishes and in finest company, frankly it all went too quickly again.  The full menu was priced at £80 for lunch and £110 at dinner with a further three courses, so again, based on the experience, the 21 courses we had in total (including snacks as separate courses) for the full menu at lunch was a sufficient enough package and I think you get more for your buck therefore over an extended luncheon.

There were really some genuinely fine moments during this meal and a very good strike rate at that.  The snacks of Storeos of squid ink biscuit, smoked eel mousse and vinegar powder were marvellous as were the black pudding with compressed pineapple.  Visual fanfare was provided with the razor clams which unfortunately I could not have due to intolerances but I was given a lovely flower pot of avacado  puree with pickled beetroot and shallot crisps which was a delightful replacement.

The course of mashed potato was a real gem – light, fluffy, buttery but not too buttery with the interesting addition of charcoal oil was absolutely fabulous.  The steak tartare within an apple was a £20 suppliment course and although quite expensive, it was exceedingly good and scraping the bottom of the apple to have with elements of it I thought was a very nice touch and added a lovely element of  sweet moisture to the meat.  I forgot how nice the almond and dill dessert combination was and the new pink candyfloss with custard icecram in the centre was fun and lovely as well.

All in all this was superb meal and I was not bloated on leaving at all in spite of 21 courses.  There were no real low moments of food, only ones that I ovbiously enjoyed to the max in comparison to the others that all went down well regardless.  The only real aspect of this meal that was a negative was within the service – the majority of those on were very good and warm but one in particular clearly wished to spend the least time explaining dishes and finish her ‘bit’ and walk away as quickly as possible (with a clear reluctance to engage).  It wasn’t the end of the world, but was quite cold, came across as bordering on rude and dented the experience.

Having said that, this was a fabulous meal all round with a great collection of beers and cocktails to choose from to accompany the tasting menu with very well pitched wines as well.  On second visit to Story, this confirms for me how strong a 1 Michelin starred venue in London this is with aspects being on 2 Micheln stared level and a great option to do when you have plenty of time on your hands or a day off for a food treat.

9 / 10

Story Interior

Tasting Menu

Opening beer

Cod skin with smoked cod roe

Squid ink biscuits with smoked eel mousse

Nasturtium flower with osyter / almond emulsion

Pommes souffle, creme fraiche and caviar

Rabbit with tarragon emulsion and pickled carrots

Black pudding with compressed pineapple and burnt pineapple

Duck two ways: beignet and figs , duck ham with salsify and coffee emulsion

Razor clams, champagne snow and puffed barley

Avacado cream with shallt crisps

Sliced tomatos

Beef dripping with sour dough and dips

Onions and gin

Heritage potato with charcoal oil

Story apple with steak tartare as served

Story apple with steak tartare opened

Lobster with pear and lavender

John Dory (replacement for scallop)

Raw scallops

Duck main

Gratte Paille cheese and cherries

Lemon curd, crackling and ice cream pre-dessert (1)

Lemon curd, crackling and ice cream pre-dessert (2)

Candyfloss with custard ice cream (in centre)

Dill and almond dessert

Petit fours

The bill for 2




Amuse bouche (1)

Amuse bouche (2)

Beef dripping

Beef dripping collected

With bread


Garlic lamb

Interior (1)

Interior (2)


Almond & dill

Tea and petits fours