Meal at Rhodes 24

Meal at Rhodes 24

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When I came here on two occasions it was a lovely experience (photos unfortunately only retained from one visit) in terms of the food, but the décor and feel was completely out-dated making it only really suitable for business lunches and evening meals for those with no imagination other than wanting a good view for dinner.  I was just very glad to eat his signature dishes including the cod on noodles with foie gras sauce, the lobster thermidor served in a mini frying pan and the collection of desserts including the giant jaffa cake.  Possibly it needed a re-fresh in any case and is always healthy for these things if Gary Rhodes’ 24 was becoming stagnant, but the food was certainly good.  I have now been able to see Jason Atherton’s revamp of this venue to much delight and the review for what Rhodes 24 has now become is at this link of City Social.

Food Grade: 85%

9 / 10

Pea foam amuse bouche

Lobster thermidor

Artichoke & Egg

Creamed mash

Cod and Foie gras

Foie gras sauce

Signature desert selection

Bread & butter pudding

Large jaffa cake

Toffee cake

Petits fours