Meal at The Savoy Grill

Meal at The Savoy Grill

at The Savoy Grill on 17 April 2015
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I’ve been meaning to see the Savoy Grill for some time, and so now that it is done, my headlines for this pre-theatre meal was that the menu was reasonably priced at £24 for 2 courses (£28 for 3) and the service couldn’t have been more pleasant.  Its traditional setting would suit any formal or pre-show occasion perfectly although I don’t think it is at a high enough tier to merit a special occasion.  The food itself was definitely passable and it was great to have sirloin steak on the set menu however, if you have this option, expect the steak to be somewhat thinner as a result.  The mackerel and bone marrow starters were fine and the duck and steak mains were definitely tasty but I probably got more return from the peppercorn and shallot sauces as well as the delicious creamed spinach, the latter being far better here than that served as Goodman.

A pleasure all round to have a dinner here, but I didn’t leave with a hige burning desire to get back as soon as possible and I do want to visit Maze Grill as well as the Hawksmoor again to compare, however this is a useful option to have in a West End context.

7 / 10

The Savoy

The Savoy front entrance



Bone marrow


Steak, game ‘chips’ (crisps), creamed spinach

Petits fours

The bill for two