Meal at Quilon

Meal at Quilon

at Quilon on 17 July 2015
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This was frankly a belter of a meal.  I probably over did it volume wise on this occasion but for 4 people I didn’t want to take any chances and was lovely to get as many dishes as possible to experiment with which, basically ended up as a full blown banquet.  It included the same, lovely South West coastal Indian food with emphasis on fish as a result and everything brought to the table was just wonderfully delicate.  From the dahl, to the fish broth, to the cauliflower crispy fries to the black cod and even the rice – every dish was beautifully made and a pleasure to have.  It was also interesting to see the okra fries and comparing to those of Dishoom; the ones at Quilon I felt were ever so lighter.  Apart from minor language barriers with some of the staff, the hospitality here was entirely warm and attentive and as my third visit here, I am now utterly convinced this will always be a wonderfully safe bet and superb experience from the warmth of the staff combined with the beautifully prepared food.  I might add I felt in very comfortable hands from the staff on the special and unique occasion it was as well.

Food Grade: 80%

The mini popadoms were so light and cripsy, the home made condiments of chili and coconut cream (and mango chutney obviously) were all entirely lovely and the dishes of coconut cream chicken (utterly succulent), fish broth, prawn masala, beautifully balanced lemon rice and especially the mango curry which was beautifully creamy (with an almost cheese undertone) were all hitting the pleasure valves.  What was also lovely was having different pre-dessert sorbets which were catered for the different curries we had had.  As an aside, there was also a very good seafood and vegetarian set of tasting menu options, and maybe this is why Sir Paul McCartney was looking like he was enjoying his meal very much as well, being a staunched vegetarian.

Curries will never be pieces of technical wizardry, by the nature of what they are, but when passion and pride has gone in their preparation, it is clear as a bell on the palate and this is what I had – Indian food (from the SW coast of India) done very well, packed with lovely extras producing a meal where I left with a belly fit for hibernation and another kind of glow from having been looked after so nicely.  Bravo Quilon, a lovely visit, and I look forward to coming again whenever I can.

8 / 10

Mini popadoms

Dosa and dip


Fish both with scallop and king prawn

Fish broth

Cauliflower crsisp


The full banquet (incl dahl, quail’s legs, cheese bites and chicken curries)

Black cod

Chick pea

Chicken curry


The bill for 4

Quilon exterior

Restaurant interior (1)

Restaurant interior (2)

Mini popadoms

Mango chutney

Fish broth

Coconut cream chicken

Hot tomato palate cleanser with spices

Prawn masala, chick peas, cauliflower pot and mango curry

With malaba paratha sides and lemon rice

Strawberry sorbets

Green tea and petits fours

The bill for two

Butter chicken


With side vegetables

Tea and petits fours