Meal at Nobu

Meal at Nobu

at Nobu on 21 March 2011
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The menu is virtually identical to its sister restaurant on Berkley Street, however the loss of the Michelin star this year for both will no doubt be quite a blow to the group.  The Michelin guide is quite an unpredictable beast at times, however Nobu must have simply dropped their standards overall to earn this demotion.  This Nobu remains a lovely address at the Metropolitan Hotel, even if it is bizarrely not-straight forward to get to, but its alluring view of the Park makes it a very plesant setting.  A rather quiet affair as an atmosphere and with its apparent drop in food standards, I would only really have need to go to the Berkley Street venue now that I have done the Metropolitan hotel and don’t need to do again.

Food Grade: 71%

7 / 10

View of the background park

Sushi and cold selection (1)

Sushi and cold selection (2)

Lobster tempura

Dim sum

Chocolate dessert

Mint ice cream