Meal at Lima

Meal at Lima

at Lima on 18 April 2014
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Mixed emotions on this one – if you are making a booking for a meal in the evening as a pleasant place I would say you are going to be disappointed as the outside has a lower echelon café feel at best and is not somewhere you would necessarily treat someone.  Having said that, if you were passing and dropped in for a quick Peruvian lunch you would be entirely happy at having high quality, Michelin starred food at a very reasonable price in a relaxed environment.  The food itself carries unusual and pleasing spices throughout, including within the yoghurt dip for the side bread and there is no question of originality in combinations and style throughout.  The staff are welcoming and clearly take pride in their work and the explaining the menu which is always a good sign.  Peruvian food simply isn’t my favourite, neither is Mexican and even though the desserts were a little unadventurous, it is still a pleasant experience to have and a useful option if it suits the time of day and spontaneous need.

Food Grade: 63%

6 / 10


Bread with dip


Yellow potato

Vegetable salad


Chocolate Porcelana


Petit fours