Meal at St John Hotel

Meal at St John Hotel

at Leicester House on 5 January 2013
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The most hotel-friendly parts of the flagship St John Bar & Restaurant were taken to use in this short venture but ultimately things seemingly did not work out in business terms as the establishment has closed. However the key thing is that Fergus Henderson maintains his two other establishments in Smithfield (1 Michelin starred St John Bar & Restaurant) and Spitafields (St John Bread & Wine) – and long may they continue. There was no huge difference in the menu here from his Bar and Restaurant however, as it is now closed, there is only the passing thought that it was pleasant whilst it was there to write.

Food Grade: 76%

8 / 10

Cauliflower soup

Pickled salad

Buck rarebit

Caramel sponge

Caramel sponge with custard

Honey ice cream