Meal at Launceston Place

Meal at Launceston Place

at Launceston Place on 6 April 2013
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I had the tasting menu at lunch here with my old Uni mate and left feeling very gratified.  It was nice to go in to a quiet part of town within the alluring passageways of Kensington and the interior of the restaurant was more like someone’s home which had a certain charm about it.  The extras here were all a delight and gave such a nice bonus to the meal.  There were certainly some good moments in the meal, namely the succulent pork and the amuse bouche of melted cheese puff pastry balls at the start were heavenly.  There was much technical skill shown at this restaurant and the throw ins given were plentiful (amuse bouche, pre-desert and petit for to accompany coffee were lovely bolt ons).  All in all, this was a very good outing, well worth a follow up visit and would cater for virtually for any circumstance other than one needing an atmosphere as it was one of those places where it somehow felt more appropriate to remain quiet as diners.

Food Grade: 85%

9 / 10

Cheese puff amuse nibbles

Amuse bouche

Garlic cream salad

Chicken & corn





The red



Chcoloate ice cream

Rasberry soufflé

Hot chocolate

Petits fours