Meal at HKK

Meal at HKK

at HKK on 23 December 2015
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This is my third visit to HKK and I have to reiterate that it is simply the best Peking duck available in London, probably the country.  It is simply hard to see how the beauty of the crispy skin (smoked in a cherry wood roasted oven), the succulent meat, beautifully light home made hoi sin sauce and carefully presented sesame pancakes (with the edges carefully cut away to guarantee perfect softness for all areas of the pancake) can be bettered.  As we had nine venues to hit on this one day we could only stay for a snack in HKK and thankfully they were wonderfully understanding and allowed us to sit at the bar for a quick half duck.  It is a little pricey for £46, however for the quality and the manner one is looked after here, I would pay this in my sleep.  A truly lovely experience yet again here at HKK.

Food Grade: 90%

All the dim sum were beautifully done (vegetable and seafood) and the truffled, supreme soup with scampi and goji berry was delightful.  The glass of Turkish red was also a nice addition to the duck and resembled a pinot noir but was chilled to soften the tannin.  All desserts were nicely done and the prize went to the peanut parfait and lime sorbet with lemon and chocolate curd which was outstanding – such a mouth watering consistency and flavour.  All of this with the jasmine tea to finish made a superb meal.

My only gripe here therefore is that it is not exactly the cheapest set menu in London and as the portion sizes seem to be quite modest in general for the price, I had to call in reinforcements of another portion of the duck from the a la carte to compensate (£16).  But I was very pleased to learn that they will shortly (at time of writing) be revising the menu which should include a lobster and Peking duck promotional option on selected lunches and some new choices on their already revised tasting menu which has been changed to 12 courses as opposed to 15 (for a better overall and less prolongued menu).

Another great occasion here and frankly my next visit may have to simply be going with the whole duck for the asking price to share with another and that will be fine!

9 / 10


Half duck

Two very happy clients(!)

Half duck with chilli oils and perfect soy sauce

Perfect Peking duck components

The bill for 2

HKK Exterior

HKK counter dining bar

HKK main dining room

The Hakka

Seafood dim sum

Vegetable dim sum

Supreme soup with truffle, scampi and goji berries

House red incl in the menu

Peking duck main with egg fried rice & choy sum

Peking duck skin outer

Peking duck skin underside

Peking duck a la carte portion (same as set menu size)

Chocolate and raspberry

Peanut parfait & lime sorbet

Jasmine panna cotta

Jasmine tea

The lunch bill for 3


HKK counter dining


Amuse bouche

Crab & caviar


Peking duck preparation (1)

Peking duck preparation (2)

Peking Duck with brown sugar and hoi sin sauce

Fish soup

Dim Sum

Vegetable mix




Meat main

Wagyu beef

Vanilla cheesecake

Chocolate dessert

Petits fours