Meal at Hibiscus

Meal at Hibiscus

at Hibiscus on 28 April 2011
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Mixed emotions on this restaurant.  The style of the food was certainly there and obvious care and skilled attention had gone in to the dishes, however I simply could not understand why some of them were there. The foie gras with jam was pleasant but only just, the asparagus with hollandaise was very appealling and smooth, the fish courses and ravioli were nice but only just that.  I did not however, enjoy the walnut and pea salad, the sweet tartlet with truffle or the chocolate and avocado desert.  The execution was highly skilled here, but I struggled to simply enjoy the pairing of some of the flavours and several of the peripheral dishes including the fish courses and sorbet mouth cleanser were simply too plain to make me feel worthy of 2 Michelin stars.  My guess is credence is being given to its daring nature and flare of originality on French cooking rather than the actual outcome of the taste.  I also felt the restaurant was somewhat narrow to be truly comfortable as an environment but other may differ on that.  I definitely need to go again in order to see whether it has changed much, which, I sincerely hope it has.

Food Grade: 65%

7 / 10


Amuse bouche


Foie gras


Mouth cleanser

Pea ravioli

John Dory

Pea salad


Cheese foam

Tartlet with truffle


Petits fours