Meal at Hakkasan

Meal at Hakkasan

at Hakkasan Hanway Place on 9 April 2013
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Another belter and this time I had the duck! It was a celebration for my MA so I got that for everyone and I can confirm it was utterly divine. They carve and sculpt all portions in to rectangular, bite size shapes for everyone which I wasn’t expecting and visually this was a let down, but the slightly puffed nature of the pancake, the sheer class of the sauce and the utter delicacy of the duck and crispy skin was instant delight in the mouth.  I still don’t think it merits the price but it was rather superb.  All other dishes were great and the duck was divine, but I don’t think it needs to be done again in a hurry.

Food Grade: 86%

8 / 10

Crispy Peking duck

As is served on prepared pancake slices

Peking duck bites with caviar

Sesame prawn toast

Starter selection

Egg fried rice


Mixed sorbet

Vanilla mix

Ice cream selection

Present from Hakkasan for MA graduation

Chocolate sauce

Fried fish selection with chili

Sesame prawn toast with crispy seaweed


Mains selection

Maculan dessert wine – same as one can find in the Fat Duck

Dessert selection


Another happy chap